WordPress Website Launch Checklist

Before you launch a WordPress site, there are certain checks that you need to run to avoid the headaches, embarrassment, and damage to your reputation caused by for example, spelling errors or getting sued for using copyrighted photos, etc. Your website should stand out and shine from the very beginning.

This article assumes that you have a self-hosted WordPress installation and everything is up and running. We will be looking at some of the many tasks that you need to complete before you go live.

Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors

There are a number of ways you could check your spelling and grammar. If you want to check from within the WordPress editor, you should try the TinyMCE Spellcheck Plugin.

Check for Broken Links in Your Pages

Nobody likes a broken link. It’s a bad experience for your site visitors and bad for your SEO too.

Ensure you Have a Useful 404 Page

A 404 page is what your visitor end up when they navigate to a missing page or a missing url. If your 404 page doesn’t provide the user with any useful information, most users will likely surf away from your website.

Ensure Your Page Titles are SEO friendly

You should be using pretty permalinks for your post titles, because it not only gives users and search engines more information about your content, it can boost your traffic.

Have a WordPress backup Solution

Backing up your WordPress powered website site is absolutely critical – it
will provide extra peace of mind should your server fail or your site is compromised.

Install a Security Plugin

An effective security plugin is absolutely essential in ensuring your WordPress site’s security. We recommend Wordfence Security.

Implement a Page Analytic Solution

Make sure that you have a way to track your site’s performance. After all the work spent on building your site, it is important to know how many users are visiting your new site, how they got there, and the pages they spend the most time.

Make a Site Performance Test

Pages that take longer than 5 seconds to load will most likely lose up to 50% users. Faster loading webpages offer higher traffic,
better conversions and increased sales over slower loading pages. One of the best ways to optimize your WordPress site is installing a caching
plugin. Check your website for speed using tools like Google Pagespeed

This list will enable you to work more efficiently and in no time you’ll be ready to launch your site. Did we miss anything? Please let us know in the comments below!