Understanding the importance of negative space in design

The white space can be simply defined as the allocated area where the characters don’t print anything when we type them. Typing the keys of tab, space-bar or the carriage return produces the same effect. But these areas have more to it than some particular components.

In web design, the white space has a completely different explanation. They are the spaces that border the elements making them stand apart. They also separate one component from the other. For example the space around a fixed width layout or the space allocated as margins and padding of images or texts is also known as the white space. This “empty space” also includes the spacing between two words and sentence lines of the content.

What one must understand is that this area is not always white in color. It can change with the background color. For example, if the website has black as its background shade, then the “empty space” would also be of the same coloration. These are the areas of a website in which the designer has placed no character or element.

Negative space and its impact on web design The website designers play with this element in two different ways.

Legibility: The micro level gap improves the apparent value of the web design. The micro level gaps are the leading, kerning, and the tracking. Increasing the area between two lines, i.e. increasing the leading and the tracking would make the text appear bright. It would amplify the reader’s ability to comprehend the text. The padding also makes the columns legible.

Tone: The macro level spacing or the area between the elements in the web page conveys a sense of balance. Adding quality to the web design, the websites are rendered enticing. The more the space, the more expensive the design appears to their users.

Web design and the white space
Whenever websites are designed, we should also reflect on the importance of space. There should be enough to portray the tone and legibility. The padding and the margin should work together with your website to project a more ambitious and professional tonality.